Dashed Lines Generator V1.0 by Raffaeleschiavullo

Dashed lines generator is a tool to automate, in few and easy steps, the generation of all types of dashed lines: it can be used to simulate the traffic signs standards; with the SKIN MODIFIER option it is extremely easy to manipulate the dashed lines created, changing their placement and orientation. With this script the user can have an interactive creation process of the dashed line, with a real time preview into the 3DS Max viewports.

How to install

  1. Drag the file from the folder where it is located directly into one of the 3DS Max viewports; the script will automatically create a category named “S Scripts”
  2. Go to CUSTOMIZE > CUSTOMIZE USER INTERFACE > TOOLBARS  and into the sub menu CATEGORY from the related drop down list select “S Scripts”
  3. Fom the list ACTION select the item named “Dashed Lines Generator” and drag it directly to 3DS Max Main Tool Bar and a button withthe label “DLG” will be added to it.

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For more detailed instructions on how to install a script click here.

For more detailed instruction on how to create a new tool bar click here.

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